Multimedia Resources

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Video Links

Intro to Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses 
Description: Using an illustration, this YouTube video provides an overview of literature reviews and meta-analyses.

Descriptive Research: Naturalistic Observation 
Description: This YouTube video describes naturalistic observations and the advantages and disadvantages

Audio Links

What Are Qualitative Research Ethics? 
Description: Dr. Rose Wiles from the National Center for Research Methods discusses key issues and dilemmas encountered in qualitative research.

How Many Interviews Is Enough? 
Description: Dr. Sarah Baker and Professor Rosalind Edwards from the National Center for Research Methods discuss their working paper regarding how many interviews are enough when conducting qualitative research.

Data Linkage: Challenges and Opportunities
Description: In this podcast, Professor Peter Elias discusses data linkage from existing data sets and the latest thinking about this technique.

Web Resources

Naturalistic Observation
Description: This PDF from Radford University provides an overview of naturalistic observations, advantages and disadvantages, and how to record the data.

Research Guide 
Description: This website from the University of Southern California provides advice on how to develop and organize a qualitative research paper in the social sciences.

Qualitative Methods
Description: This is a brief overview of qualitative research methods.