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Web Resources

Biological Influences on Aggression
Research on factors affecting gender differences in aggression.

Weapons Effect
Research revealing that the mere presence of a weapon can increase levels of aggression.

Aggression and Video Games
Research exploring the links between video game use and aggressive behaviors.

Alcohol and Aggression
The article discusses the relationship between alcohol use and aggression. The site also includes a drinking self-assessment quiz.

Relational Aggression
This article explains the reasons why adolescent girls often engage in relational aggression, and the effect of relational aggression on mental health.

Multimedia Links


Bobo Doll Experiment  
The video describes Albert Bandura’s research on modeling. Children view role models interacting with a toy in an aggressive or passive manner, confirming the theory that children will mimic the behavior of role models.

Violence, Media, and Masculinity
Jackson Katz explains the social pressure for men to give into the violent stereotypes presented in the media.

How Prisons in India Reduce Aggression
Prisoners in India use yoga to reduce aggression.

Aggression and Self-Control
Brad Bushman discusses the link between aggression and self-control.


Theories of Aggression
Dana Leighton lectures on hostile and instrumental aggression, providing insight into evolutionary theories explanations for aggression and social acceptance of specific types of aggression.

Moral Development and Aggression
Lecture on the development of aggression throughout the lifespan, from childhood play to elderly abuse.