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Explains that even by taking the smallest action towards a goal, you can use that commitment as motivation to achieve your goal.

Elements of Effective Persuasion
Contains elements of effective persuasion, including credibility, understanding the audience, solid argument, and effective communication.

Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Explains how attitude change occurs when people attempt to alleviate the discomfort associated with holding beliefs that clash.

Theory of Planned Behavior
Explanation of Ajzen’s Theory of Planned Behavior.


Multimedia Links


This video defines attitudes and explains the ABC Model of Attitudes.

The New Era of Positive Psychology
Martin Seligman talks about fourteen psychological illnesses that can be treated in a more one-on-one approach using positive psychology.

The Elaboration Likelihood Model
This video explains the Central and Peripheral Route to Processing.


Gloomy Thinking Can Be Contagious
Research reveals how close others, in this case roommates, can influence our mental health.

Teachers Expectations Can Influence How Students Perform
Research describing why teacher’s behaviors have a large influence on their students’s performance.