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Social Media and Social Responsibility
Social media outlets enable users to communicate almost anything that crosses their minds at any given moment; however, it also leaves room for misinterpretation of users’ intent.

Importance of Prosocial Behavior for Adolescents
This article examines the effect of environmental norms on children’s development of prosocial attitudes and behaviors. More specifically, the article examines the way in which the lack of a prosocial environment affects children living in Rockdale County. 

Sharing Food and Prosocial Behavior
The article describes a study on chimpanzees and food sharing, which has led to a debate regarding how food sharing can lead to prosocial behavior in humans as well.

Tips for Informed Consent
This website includes information regarding various federal and American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for informed consent.

Multimedia Links


The Evolution of Empathy
The history of empathy and how it shapes the world we live in.

An Alternative View of the Bystander Effect
This video offers a different perspective regarding what contributes to the bystander effect.

The Prosocial Effect of Video Games
This video describes research examining the effect of video game usage on prosocial behavior. 


Bystanders and Campus Rape Prevention
Discusses new legislation that incorporates bystander education as a means of rape prevention on college campuses.

Volunteering Abroad: Good or Bad?
Explains how people can avoid becoming “voluntourists.”

The Biology of Altruism
Discusses the biological underpinnings of altruistic behavior.