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Limits of Introspection
This article illustrates the limits to introspection on self-knowledge.

Self-Perception Theory
The article describes how we infer our attitudes and identity from our behaviors.

Self-Esteem and Praise
This article explains that level of self-esteem might be dependent upon the type of praise provided.

Self-Discrepancy Theory
The article discusses motivation to regulate behavior in order to become less like the “actual” self and more like the “ideal” or “ought” self. 

Multimedia Links


How Conceptualization of the Self Affects Academic Success
Daphne Oyserman discusses the way conceptualizations of our possible, future self might encourage people to engage in behaviors that ensure that ideal self is achieved. 

Actual and Future Selves
Daniel Goldstein shares how our current decisions have an effect on our future self.

Willpower and Self-Control
Roy Baumeister explains how willpower might be depleted, which affects future self-control.

Negative Self-Thoughts
Meghan Ramsey of the Dove Self-Esteem Project describes how self-esteem is dependent upon self-conceptualization.

Social Thinking
This crash course in social thinking gives light to many ideas that are aligned with social psychology and individual, as well as group identity.

Sociometer Theory
Mark Leary explains sociometer theory as it relates to self-esteem.

Embracing Otherness
Thandie Newton shares a story of self-discovery and how she came to embrace her identity.


Mental Health and Sense of Self
Anil Ananthaswamy, the author of The Man Who Wasn’t There, reveals how some mental processing related to Alzheimer’s Disease, BIID, and Cotard’s Syndrome affects how people experience their sense of self.

Introspection after Allegations of Racial Discrimination
The use of introspection in this company has helped them to determine what led to allegations of racial discrimination and how they are working to ensure cultural competence in the future. 

Collective Introspection
Ta-Nehisi Coates calls for collective introspection on issues of slavery, present-day oppression, and reparations.

Media influence on perceptions
How media can shape the perceptions of self and society.

Stereotype Threat
Claude Steele discusses the affects of stereotype threat.