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Web Resources

Article discussing the way cues can affect mental processing.

Heuristics: Mental Shortcuts
Using an example of a ski trip gone wrong, this article explains the way heuristics affect our mental processing.

Belief Perseverance
This article describes how false information is often construed as fact. Contemporary researchers reveal ways that lessen this phenomenon.

Multimedia Links


Looking Glass Self
This video describes Cooley’s concept of reflected appraisals known as the Looking Glass Self.

Different Types of Heuristics
The video explains availability, representativeness, and base-rate heuristics.

Learned Helplessness
This video explains how Seligman’s concept of learned helplessness applies to depression and stress.


Confirmation Bias
An interview of Johnathan Haidt, who believes there is political bias among social psychological researchers.

Cognitive Bias and Efforts to Conserve
A discussion of the way cognitive biases might affect conservation behavior.