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Web Resources

American Psychological Association (APA) Division 8: Society for Personality and Social Psychology
The largest organization of social and personality psychologists. In addition to information about events and conferences, the division website provides links to resources for educators, researchers, and students.

Social Psychology Network
A website devoted to social psychological education and research. Links to research articles, funding opportunities, teaching materials, career development resources, and media are provided.

Social Psychology Basics
Key concepts in social psychology are summarized.

APA Science in Action: Social Psychology
American Psychological Association (APA) website highlighting the way that social psychological research may be applied in everyday life. 

Multimedia Links


Free Will
B. F. Skinner, drawing upon his research on operant conditioning, refutes free will.

Culture and the Self 
Hazel Markus giving a talk on culture, the self, and belongingness.

Studying People in Context
Discussion of the affect of the environment and culture on cognitive mind sets. 


Milgram’s Shock Experiment
Discussion of Stanly Milgram’s famous shock experiment which examined the concept of obedience to authority.

Social Neuroscience
Podcast focused on research related to both social psychology and neuroscience.