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Web Resources

Social Norms
Definitions of social roles and social norms.

Groups Can Improve Performance:  Social Facilitation
A brief description of the concept of social facilitation.

Solutions to Social Loafing and Free Riding
A guide on how to avoid social loafing on your next project.

Minority Influence
A look at research related to minority influence and conformity within groups.

Multimedia Links


This video describes group cohesion from a managerial perspective.   

This video provides information about the concept of deindividuation.

Examples of Groupthink
A look at group think, conformity, and risk taking.

Theories of Leadership
Ten theories of leadership are summarized in this video.


Preventing Groupthink
Cass Sunstein describes why and how group decisions go wrong, offering tactics and lessons to help leaders avoid pitfalls and reach better outcomes.

Gender and Leadership
In this interview, Maggi Evans discusses gender equality in the boardroom.