Video and Multimedia

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Web Resources

The Brain from Top to Bottom
The website describes the different parts of the brain and how the parts interact.  The website covers several key concepts: the brain basics, the brain and the mind, and brain disorders

Simons Center for the Social Brain
The website for the Simons Center for the Social Brain at MIT provides links to research on neural processes associated with autism. 

Dynamic Neural Retraining System: Limbic System
This website details how the limbic system functions, while describing a program designed to retrain your response to physical and emotional arousal. 

The Neuron  
A general explanation of the different parts of the neuron and how they work as a single unit as well as how they work together. 

Multimedia Links


The Social Brain
This video reveals how the brain responds to social interaction and environmental cues. 

The Limbic System
This video describes the role of the limbic system in emotion and memory. 

The Hippocampus
The video explains how memory is impaired when the hippocampus is removed, using the famous case Henry Moliason (H.M) as an example.


Limits of the Mind Memory
The audio describes memory capacity as well as how memory works.

Removing the Hippocampus
This audio clip provides brief history of memory research and details the experimental brain surgery performed on H.M.