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Web Resources

Six Principles of Social Influence
Kendrick T. Douglas provides a brief overview of Robert Cialdini’s research on influence, including the six principles of social influence.

Chameleon Effect
Description of the chameleon effect, a sometimes unconscious tool of social connection.

Stanford Prison Experiment
This website provides a detailed description of the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Obedience and Conformity
Explanation of obedience and conformity.

Multimedia Links


Stanford Prison Experiment
Original footage of the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Six Principles of Influence
Robert Cialdini describes the six principles of influence.

Principle of Authority
Description of Principle of Authority.

Milgram Study of Obedience
Video containing original footage of the Stanley Milgram’s research exemplifying obedience to authority.


Explanation of persuasion techniques, including the door-in-the-face technique, fear-then-relief technique, and foot-in-the-door technique.

Obedience Experiments
Interview with Thomas Blass, author of “How Stanley Milgram ‘Shocked the World.’”