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Benefits of a communal relationship
The term communal relationship was coined by Margaret Clark and Judson Mills to characterize a relationship where the parties do not keep track of relative costs and benefits.

Interpersonal Attractions
Explanations of interpersonal attraction.

Romantic Attachment Quiz
Take a quiz to test your romantic attachment style.

The Need to Belong
A look at the motivation behind the need to belong.

The Need to Belong
This article examines why people engage in building social relationships.

Love Diagnostic Test
Take a quiz on the level of intimacy and closeness in your current relationship.

Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love
This article explains Sternberg’s theory of love, which focuses on levels of intimacy, commitment, and passion.


Multimedia Links


Matching Hypothesis
This video explains the matching hypothesis, which is the idea that people typically select romantic partners who are approximately the same “level” of attractiveness as themselves.

Science of Attraction
This video explains the halo effect of attraction.

Why we love
Helen Fisher explains the biochemical foundations of love.

Love or Lust
Terri Orbuch reveals the difference between love and lust.  


Mobile dating apps
Personal accounts of people who use a dating app called tinder and their thoughts about intimacy and the usage of the app.

Romantic Jealousy
The case of a woman who, enraged by romantic jealousy, committed assault on her romantic partner’s other love interest.

Unsafe sex in college students
Research reveals a sudden drop of condom use from freshman year of college to sophomore year. It appears that students from disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to use condoms than those who come from privileged backgrounds, but after their first year of college they start to adopt the mindset of the privileged kids.