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Web Resources

Social Psychology: Social Perception 
A review of social perception and how we come to understand other people. 

Project LearnNet
Defines social perception and how social perception is an important part of social competence and social success. 

Simply Psychology: Gender
This website describes the difference between sex and gender, explaining that the two are often mistakenly considered the same construct.   

Illusion Gallery
This website provides samples of visual illusions and a brief description of the cognitive processes associated with each illusion.

Fallacy Files: Gamblers Fallacy  
This website provides information regarding why gamblers might believe they can predict a future outcome based on past outcomes, failing to understand statistical independence. 

Multimedia Links


Sex and Gender Identity
The video provides a basic introduction to the sex and gender, while defining less commonly used terms.   

Do Humans have Free Will?
An experiment was conducted that begs the question “Do our brains make decisions before we are aware of them?”

Illusions of the Eyes
Can you trust your eyes?  Different illusions are shown and explained.


Understand How People See You
Heidi Grant Halvorson explains social perception.