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Web Resources

Implicit Association Test
Take the Implicit Association Test on the Project Implicit website.

Realistic Group Conflict Theory (RCT)
This article provides an overview of Sherif’s Robber’s Cave Experiment, highlighting RCT.

Form of Racism
Different forms of racism are defined on this website.

Social Identity
Tajfel and Turner’s Social Identity Theory is explained.

Sexism: Focus on Men
This article describes the sexism that men experience today.

Multimedia Links


Ending Sexism
Jackson Katz speaks out against violence against women.

Implicit Association Test
Mahzarin Banaji, co-creator of the Implicit Association Test (IAT), explains the psychology behind the IAT.

Prejudice and Discrimination
A crash course in the psychology of prejudice and discrimination.

Threats of Stereotypes
This video explains the concept of stereotype threat, while providing an overview of relevant research by Claude Steele.


Annie Duke, a professional poker player, discusses the way she uses stereotypes to her advantage.

Racial Prejudice
Research reveals that racial prejudice has been increasing over the past decade.