Review Questions

  1. Who began the discussion that led to the skills approach?
  2. What methods have Mumford and his colleagues used to investigate leadership skills and effectiveness?
  3. Explain the difference between a skill and a trait.
  4. Explain each element of the Three-Skill Approach.
  5. At what organizational level are each of the three skills most important?
  6. Explain each of the elements and components of the Mumford Skills Model.
  7. Explain how all the arrows work in the Mumford Skills Model (Fig. 3.3). How do attributes influence competencies? How do competencies influence outcomes? How do career experiences affect competencies and attributes? How do environmental influences affect competencies, attributes, and outcomes?
  8. How might the skills approach be used for personal awareness and development?
  9. What are strengths of the skills approach?
  10. What are criticisms of the skills approach?
  11. How does the skills approach fit with the four components of leadership?