Review Questions

  1. Explain the focus of culture and leadership.
  2. Explain the history of globalization and what challenges and needs have been created.
  3. Explain the five cross-cultural competencies for leaders.
  4. Define culture and explain the terms related to culture.
  5. Describe House’s research on the relationship between culture and leadership.
  6. What is enthnocentrism?
  7. What is prejudice?
  8. What is GLOBE and what are its nine cultural dimensions?
  9. Review the clusters of world cultures using GLOBE research on cultural dimensions.
  10. How did researchers test the validity of the culture clusters they developed?
  11. What is implicit leadership theory?  What contribution does it make to the study of leadership?
  12. Review how leadership behavior varies within the different culture clusters.
  13. What are the strengths of this approach to culture?
  14. What are the criticisms of this approach to culture?