Review Questions

  1. Who are some of the scholars known for leadership research?
  2. Describe the leadership classification scheme proposed by Bass.
  3. Explain the four components identified as central to leadership.
  4. Explain how the trait approach and the process approach differ.
  5. Describe the differences between assigned leadership and emergent leadership.
  6. Explain the six types of power identified by French and Raven.
  7. Explain coercion and some of the leaders identified with coercive leadership techniques.
  8. Describe the similarities and differences between leadership and management. 
  9. What is the relationship between leadership and power?  Leadership and influence?
  10. What does it mean to lead oneself?
  11. What do the emerging leadership approaches (authentic leadership, spiritual leadership, servant leadership, and adaptive leadership) have in common?
  12. How has access to technology empowered followers today?