Review Questions

  1. What noted researchers are associated with leadership traits?
  2. What methods have researchers used to investigate leadership traits?
  3. Which traits are cited most often in research results? 
  4. What does the trait approach suggest about effective organizational leadership?
  5. How might the trait approach be used for personal awareness and development?
  6. How has the focus of trait research shifted over time?
  7. What are the Big 5 personality factors and how do they relate to leadership?
  8. What are strengths of the trait approach?
  9. What are criticisms of the trait approach? 
  10. How well do the ten items on the questionnaire correspond with the five major leadership traits listed in Table 2.2?
  11. What is charisma?
  12. What traits distinguish charismatic leaders from others?
  13. How does the trait approach fit with the four components of leadership?