Review Questions

  1. Explain how the Psychodynamic Approach differs from other leadership theories.
  2. Explain what is meant by the Clinical Paradigm.
  3. Explain the four basic premises of the Clinical Paradigm.
  4. What is Freud’s contribution to the Psychodynamic Approach?
  5. Explain the four streams of research from the Tavistock Institute.
  6. How did the Menninger Clinic apply the Psychodynamic Approach to the world of work?
  7. What insights did Zaleznik contribute to our understanding of how the Psychodynamic Approach applies to the workplace?
  8. How did Larry Hirschhorn use “applied clinical practice” to study organizational behavior?
  9. What are fantasies, projections, and identifications, and how do they express themselves in organizational life?
  10. Explain the concept of the inner theater and how it relates to leadership.
  11. Explain the following terms: dependency, fight-flight, and pairing.
  12. What are social defense mechanisms and how do they relate to leadership?
  13. What are mirroring and idealizing, and how do they relate to leadership?
  14. Under what circumstances do followers identify with the aggressor?
  15. Describe Freud’s definition of narcissism and how it affects leadership.
  16. Explain the group coaching method for applying the psychodynamic principles to leadership development.
  17. What are strengths of the Psychodynamic Approach?
  18. What are criticisms of the Psychodynamic Approach?