Web Exercises

Web Search

Check out the website of a company you might like to work for some day.  What can you infer about the company’s culture?  What leadership traits seem to be valued in employees?  How does the company develop leadership in its employees (e.g., workshops, seminars, mentoring)?  Write one page in response to the above questions.

The Musician as Leader

Go to YouTube and watch a video clip of jazz musician Gerald Wilson.  Then visit allaboutjazz.com, click on “articles,” then “interviews” and type in the name “Gerald Wilson” in the title box.  Read the May 17, 2004, interview with this prolific musical artist and answer the questions below:

  • In what ways is Wilson a leader?  Which of the four components of Northouse’s definition of leadership apply to Wilson?
  • How was he shaped by his times?
  • What career experiences contributed to his growth as an artist?
  • In what ways is he an innovator?
  • What unique skills does he have?
  • How does he inspire others?
  • What influence does musical leadership have on our society as a whole?  Can you think of any other influential musicians?

Follow the Leader

Who are the thought leaders you most admire? Choose one and make a commitment to following this person on social media (Twitter, Facebook, or blog) during the term.  Over the next couple months, consider how this person's leadership relates to the theories you learn in this class.

Lollipop Moments 

Watch the TED talk by Drew Dudley on “Everyday Leadership.” Ask them to be prepared to share their responses to two questions: (1) Have you had a lollipop moment? (2) How comfortable are you taking credit for your leadership or something else you do well? This is a good icebreaker.  Some follow up questions you could ask: How easily do you give credit to others? Is drawing attention to oneself ever a useful strategy?

Labor Day Quiz

Take this quiz: http://www.hollandsentinel.com/article/20130904/NEWS/309049883/0/SEARCH. Who is responsible for creating employment policies and practices for US workers? Whose responsibility is it to help workers achieve work-life balance? Do any of the statistics in the quiz concern you? What kinds of leadership are needed at each level (national, state, corporate, office) to create meaningful and justly compensated work for people? What are the challenges?