Web Exercises

Challenging Others to Face Change

There are many clips on YouTube of Ron Heifetz speaking about Adaptive Leadership.  One example is “The Nature of Adaptive Leadership” (about 8 ½ minutes long). 

  • What pressures do people in positions of authority experience?
  • How can we develop our capacity to solve problems?
  • Most problems come bundled.  How do we tease out the parts?
  • What are some indicators of adaptive challenges?
  • Practically speaking, how can adaptive leadership be used on a societal level?
  • What “different conversation” is suggested by Adaptive Leadership?


Create a slide show about Adaptive Leadership. Using an online tool such as Slideroll (slideroll.com) produce a 1-minute show about one aspect of the approach.  Examples: Mobilizing, motivating, focusing the attention of others, technical challenges, adaptive challenges, and so forth. The slide show should include text that you develop about your topic. These can be quotes from the chapter or other sources. Rather than being merely informative, the purpose of the slide show should be to pose intriguing questions about this approach or to persuade the viewer about its value and applicability.