HRM Supplemental Exercises

Click on the following links. Please note these will open in a new window.

First, read “The many mistakes that led to KIND snacks’ success by Lindsay Levine in Fast Company at

Second, watch Embrace the Near Win on TED (11 minutes).

After reading Chapter 8 and the materials above, please address the following questions:

  1. Do you think failure is an important part of learning? Why or why not?
  2. In your opinion, is it possible for young professionals to learn everything via training and mentorship, or is it critical that they be given an opportunity to try, fail, and learn for themselves?
  3. Is embracing failure important for organizational improvement? How about for career development?
  4. Sarah Lewis says, “Mastery is about sacrificing for your craft, and not for the sake of crafting your career.” What do you think she means by this?
  5. What “near wins” have you experienced in your life so far? Do you agree that these experiences are motivating?