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Video 2.1 Big Data for Human Resources—2016
Description: Discover the benefits of big data for HR management.

Video 2.2 The Mission, Vision, and Values Statements
Description: A great way to formalize a company’s purposes, goals, and values is to have formal mission, vision, and values statements.

Video 2.3 Strategic Human Resource Management
Description: Managing employees strategically is a lot like looking for the right tool for the job. The different practices used to carry out the primary HR activities are managers’ tools.

Article 2.1 How SoundCloud’s Team Drives Decision With Data
 Data is at the heart of SoundCloud’s decision-making process as an organization and that sentiment is also core to how they work in the People Team. What better way of putting data at the heart of our decision making than to also put the data and insight needed to have an impact at the businesses fingertips—a company-wide People Dashboard.