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Video 14.1 Help Avoid Employee Lawsuits by Being Fair
 Employers will incur expenses as soon as a worker files a claim. That's why the best way to win a lawsuit is to avoid it altogether—and HR professionals can help by ensuring the company's processes are perceived as fair.

Video 14.2 The Labor Movement in the United States
 Analyze the impact of the labor movement in America throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

Web Link 14.3 Mott's Strike Illustrates Labor Union Dilemma
 Amid an ailing economy, labor unions find themselves struggling to compromise with employers on wages and benefits.

Web Link 14.4 Do Labor Unions Still Matter?
 While membership in labor unions has been in the decline, there is still an important need for labor unions.

Web Link 14.5 Nissan Workers In Mississippi Say No To Union
 For nearly a decade, the U.A.W. tried to organize workers at Nissan Motor Co Ltd's assembly plant in Mississippi, challenging the company's wages, safety record, and commitment to treating African American workers fairly.