Open-Access Video Multimedia Resources

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Video 15.1 Marijuana and Drug Testing in the Workplace: A Conversation with James Reidy
Description: Attorney James Reidy discusses what the changing state laws regarding marijuana use mean for employers as they establish workplace policies.

Video 15.2 How Orange Silicon Valley Uses Virtual Reality to Improve Employee Safety
 Virtual reality can help organizations increase both user engagement and focus through better efficiency and flexibility. The core function of our case study is to assess the way virtual reality enhances employees experiences when they have to learn the emergency procedure.

Video 15.3 Workplace Ergonomics
 Ergonomic basics that apply to virtually any workplace.

Web Link 15.4 Mike Rowe—Safety Third— Whaaat??
 We are often complacent when it comes to safety. This is a new perspective of safety.

Video 15.5 7 Reasons to Start an Employee Wellness Program . . . Stat!
 Employee wellness programs are a growing trend, but they're here to stay! See why investing in one of these programs for your company can do a world of good for your organization.