Video and Multimedia Resources

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Video Resources

Video Link 5.1: Interests Behind Negotiating Positions

Description: William Ury talks about the importance of beginning negotiation by asking “Why”. What are the interests underlying the positions?

Time Stamp: 3:01

Video Link 5.2: Getting to Yes: Interests vs. Positions

Description: Look for solutions that best address the interests of both sides.

Time Stamp: 4:12

Audio Resources

Audio Link 5.1: How to Negotiate Out of Shutdown Stalemate? ‘Getting to Yes’ Author Has Advice

Description: Rob Flitton wants to change our negative bias toward negotiation and encourage us to embrace self-interest and the idea of principled reciprocity.

Time Stamp: 9:41

Web Resources

Web Link 5.1: Setting Standards in Negotiations

Description: In this article, the author illustrates the concept of standards in concrete terms and prescribes a series of steps for referring to independent standards in future negotiations.