Video and Multimedia Resources

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Video Resources

Video Link 2.1: What really motivates people to be honest in business

Description: Alexander Wagner takes us inside the economics, ethics, and psychology of doing the right thing.

Time Stamp: 13:21

Audio Resources

Audio Link 2.1: How to Use Your ZOPA During a Negotiation

Description: In a business negotiation, two polar-opposite errors are common: we end up walking away from a deal that we should have agreed to or we end up agreeing to a deal that we should never have agreed to. Avoid these pitfalls by using the zone of possible agreement, or ZOPA.

Time Stamp: 6:47

Web Resources

Web Link 2.1: Ethics in Negotiations: How to Deal with Deception at the Bargaining Table

Description: You say you would never lie during a negotiation. Your ethical standards are solid—right? Ethics in negotiations are an important subject.