Video and Multimedia

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1. Health Psychology (YouTube Video)
Description: This clip from Health This Week discusses the field of health psychology.

2. Sleep and Your Mental Health (YouTube Video)
Description: A study published in Scientific America found that a lack of sleep can actually cause psychiatric symptoms and disorders is discussed.

3. Health Psychology (APA Division 38) (Website)
Description: The APA’s Division 38 covers topics related to health psychology. Coverage includes recent news articles, publications, and events related to health psychology.

4. Sleep and Behavioral Problems in Children
Description: An NPR piece citing research that even slight variations in bedtime can have significant impacts on children and their behaviors.

5. How to Make Stress Your Friend
Description: A health psychologist talks about her changing understanding of the impact of stress on physical and psychological functioning—it’s not all bad news and can be good news!

6. Why Do You Always Get Sick After Exams?
Description: A short PBS video on the relationship of stress and sleep deprivation in illness.

7. Global Health Psychology
Description: A TED talk on the crisis of global health.