Video and Multimedia

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1. Classics in the History of Psychology (Website)
Description: Classics in the History of Psychology presents an overview of noteworthy events in the development of clinical psychology as a professional field of study and practice. The link “CHP Special Collections” provides information on early psychology laboratories, courses, journals, and associations.

2. PAR, Inc. (Website)
Description: The homepage of PAR, Inc., demonstrates the numerous domains for which psychological assessment is appropriate. This website may serve as a useful tool to illustrate the expansion of psychological assessment from the early days of intelligence assessment spearheaded by Wechsler, Spearman, and so on.

3. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (YouTube Video)
Description: A brief overview of the DSM’s history and evolution is provided. The multiaxial system of diagnosis is introduced in the second half of the video.

4. World War IIs Impact on Clinical Psychology
Description: This master’s thesis, by Aeron S. Lloyd, discusses the impact of World War II on the field of clinical psychology.

5. Mental Health Becomes a Public Concern in the late 1940s
Description: A brief video highlighting developments in mental health treatment as motivated by World War II.

6. Mental: A History of the Madhouse
Description: A BBC documentary about the history of psychiatric institutionalization and changes in treatment.

7. Shell Shock and World War I
Description: A documentary on the discovery of shell shock after World War I and the developments in clinical psychology as a result.

8. First Combat Psychologist Awarded Bronze Star
Description: A short piece on the awarding of a bronze star to psychologist Richard Blum.

9. 65 Years at the Heart of Psychotherapy
Description: Robert Wallerstein discusses his long career as a psychologist with special attention to the psychological diaspora after World War II.