Video and Multimedia

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1. Judith Beck Talks About Cognitive Therapy (YouTube Video)
Description: Judith Beck, daughter of Aaron Beck, discusses some major components of cognitive therapy.

2. Albert Ellis and Gloria (YouTube Video)
Description: Albert Ellis provides rational emotive therapy to Gloria, a patient who allowed her psychotherapy session to be videotaped for educational purposes.

3. Society of Clinical Psychology (APA Division 12) (Website)
Description: The APA’s Division 12 covers topics related to the treatment of psychological disorders, particularly from cognitive and cognitive-behavioral perspectives. Coverage includes recent news articles, publications, and events related to cognitive and cognitive-behavioral orientations.

4. Mental Health Apps: “Like a Therapist in Your Pocket”
Description: An NPR piece on the successes and limitations of CBT with “mobile therapy.”

5. The New Era of Positive Psychology, a TED Talk With Martin Seligman
Description: Martin Seligman speaks about shifting from a medical model (focusing on disease) to a contextual model of understanding human functioning.

6. Is Online Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Effective?
Description: An article on the benefits of online CBT exercises for the reduction of depression.

7. For Chronic Low Back Pain, Mindfulness Can Beat Painkillers
Description: An article on the benefits of mindfulness in the relief of back pain.