Video and Multimedia

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1. DSM-5 at APA 2012 (YouTube Video)
Description: David Kupfer, the Chair of the APA Task Force on DSM-5 is interviewed and discusses some of the features of the upcoming diagnostic manual.

2. DSM-5 Development Homepage (Website)
Description: The online presence of the DSM-5 Task Force, this site includes links to proposed revisions to the DSM, explanations of the research conducted to compile the DSM-5, and brief biographies of the members of the task force.

3. DSM-5 in Distress (Website)
Description: Links to numerous articles detailing the creation process of DSM-5 are provided. Many articles discuss current controversies surrounding the DSM-5.

4. We’re All Mad Here
Description: Allen Frances offers an op-ed in the NY Post on DSM-5.

5. Why Is Psychiatry’s New Manual So Much Like the Old One?
Description: A short piece on why the DSM changes “relatively little” between versions, at least seemingly so to the lay public.

6. Should Severe Premenstrual Symptoms Be A Mental Disorder?
Description: A NPR-piece profiling women with PMDD, now diagnosable since DSM-5.

7. Children Labeled “Bipolar” May Get a New Diagnosis
Description: Now historical piece on disruptive mood dysregulation disorder.