Video and Multimedia

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1. IPIP-NEO Short Form (Website)
Description: The IPIP-NEO Short Form is a public domain personality assessment instrument modeled after the commercial NEO-PI-R. IPIP-NEO items may be used to simulate NEO-PI-R and other similar personality inventory items.

2. On Personality Assessment (YouTube Video)
Description: The Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College presents psychology professor Kevin Lanning. He and his students discuss their online research studies in personality psychology.

3. Thematic Apperception Test (YouTube Video)
Description: An explanation of the TAT’s development, content, and use is provided through slides with accompanying narration.

4. Companies Using Assessment to Recruit Employees with Desirable Cognitive and Emotional Traits
Description: Companies are using “more nuanced” assessments with greater frequency to select employees--but is the science sound?

5. Can a Test Really Tell Who’s a Psychopath?
Description: The first in a two-part series about the PCL-R, a test that “measures” psychopathy.

6. Your Next Job May Depend on Passing a Personality Test
Description: CBS News piece on the increased use of personality testing in hiring practices.

7. Putting Student Data to the Test to Identify Struggling Kids
Description: Using student data--including behavioral data--to intervene with struggling kids.