Video and Multimedia

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1. 10 Ways Practitioners Can Avoid Frequent Ethical Pitfalls (Website)
Description: The American Psychological Association provides detailed recommendations for 10 frequent ethical quandaries that face psychologists.

2. Ethics of Psychological Experiments (YouTube Video)
Description: Ethical issues common in psychological research are outlined. Topics include institutional review boards, informed consent, and deception, among others. Past landmark experiments in psychology are reviewed, and their ethicality is evaluated.

3. Stanford Prison Experiment (Website)
Description: The Stanford Prison Experiment website features an extensive slide show and information about the classic psychology experiment in which students were assigned to act as guards or prisoners. The site includes video clips, links to the original materials used in the study, and discussion questions.

4. Psychologists Helping Psychologists
Description: An APA site defining steps to take if you suspect a colleague is behaving unethically.

5. The Line Between Confidentiality and Public Safety
Description: A 30-min discussion of balancing patient confidentiality and threats to public safety.

6. Leading U.S. Psychologists Secretly Aided CIA Torture Program
Description: News report on the findings of the APA’s independent report on psychologists and torture.

7. American Psychological Association Resolution to Ban Members’ Participation in National Security Interrogations
Description: Brief news article on the 2015 resolution of the APA to ban members’ engagement with interrogations.