Video and Multimedia

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1. Forensic Psychology: 90-s Lecture (YouTube Video)
Description: A forensic psychologist discusses the basic facets of his work in a 90-s lecture.

2. Careers in Psychology: What is Forensic Psychology? (YouTube Video)
Description: A mental health counselor briefly discusses the major components of the field of forensic psychology.

3. American Psychology-Law Society (APA Division 41) (Website)
Description: The APA’s Division 41 covers topics related to forensic psychology. Coverage includes recent news articles, publications, and events related to forensic psychology.

4. Squeaky Fromme’s Competency to Stand Trial Tapes Released 40 Years Later
Description: An article on the release of tapes of Squeaky Fromme, who attempted to assassinate President Ford.

5. Reducing the Risk of Assaults in Psychiatric Hospitals a Challenge
Description: A clinical and forensic psychologist speaks about interventions to reduce violence in psychiatric hospitals.

6. Psychologist Takes Over as Executive Director of Cook County Jail
Description: A clinical psychologist is the first mental health professional to head up a prison or jail.

7. The Confessions
Description: A Frontline about interrogation techniques and false confessions. This is an hour-long program.

8. Inside the Mind of Atlanta’s Flasher
Description: A forensic psychologist profiles the mind of a serial flasher.