Video and Multimedia

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1. Applying to Graduate School: American Psychological Association (Website)
Description: The American Psychological Association provides answers to frequently asked questions, a sample grad school application timeline, and dos and don’ts for graduate school applications. Other topics, such as characteristics graduate programs look for in applicants, securing standout letters of recommendation, and funding graduate education, are also addressed.

2. Careers in Psychology: Clinical Psychology Jobs (YouTube Video)
Description: A licensed mental health counselor discusses the various settings in which a clinical psychologist might work. Such settings include forensic units, schools, and private practices.

3. Obtaining a License: Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (Website)
Description: The Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards provides information on the requirements for licensure as a clinical psychologist. Of particular interest is the link “ASPPB Guide for Faculty and Students: Entry Requirements for the Professional Practice of Psychology,” which includes a detailed listing of the domains of study for graduate training in clinical psychology. To find this click on “EPPP Applicants/Students,” then “Licensure Information” and finally “Entry Requirements.”

4. APAGS Actions 2000–2010 Related to the Internship Crisis
Description: This website within the APA website details steps taken to address the internship crisis.

5. Advice from Clinical Psychology Doctoral Students
Description: Advice on pursuing graduate training in clinical psychology.

6. Ending the Internship Crisis
Description: You’ll recall that clinical psychologists must complete a predoctoral internship; this video describes a hurdle to the completion of this required experience.

7. Evaluating Mental Health on Campus
Description: The number of college and university students experiencing mental illness had increased dramatically in the past decade; this video highlights that increase and campus efforts to intervene.