Video and Multimedia

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1. Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Treatment Planning (YouTube Video)
Description: This excerpt from the DVD Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Treatment Planning outlines the incorporation of evidence-based techniques in treatment planning for psychotherapy patients.

2. Psychologists and Prescription Privileges: A Conversation (Part 1) (Website)
Description: A psychiatrist describes a conversation with a patient about the differences between psychiatrists and psychologists. Included in this discussion is whether psychologists should be granted prescription privileges.

3. The Lund Report: Governor Wields Final Say on Psychologist Bill (Website)
Description: The Lund Report covers the recent controversy over prescription privileges for psychologists in Oregon. This case provides a good example of similar legislative battles in other states.

4. Illinois Psychological Association: Prescribing Psychologists (Website)
Description: The Illinois Psychological Association provides information in support of prescription privileges for psychologists, including information on the success of granting prescription privileges to military psychologists.

5. Elyn Saks: A Tale of Mental Illness--From the Inside
Description: Elyn Saks speaks about her experiences with mental illness.

6. Online Psychotherapy Gains Fans and Raises Privacy Concerns
Description: Radio piece from NPR’s Morning Edition on the experience of online psychotherapy.

7. Can Science Make Psychotherapy More Effective?
Description: Psychologists discuss evidence-based treatment. This is a 35-min discussion.

8. Shop for a Psychotherapist to Avoid the Lemons
Description: Alan Kasdan argues on NPR for greater consumer discernment in choosing a therapist--choose therapists who used evidence-based treatments.

9. Advocates Urge Lawmakers to Allow Psychologists to Prescribe
Description: A short video on the push for prescription rights for psychologists in New Jersey.