Video and Multimedia

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1. WWRC Neuropsychological Evaluation (YouTube Video)
Description: The Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center provides a brief overview of neuropsychological assessment.

2. Vista Life Sciences Homepage (Website)
Description: Vista Life Sciences provides computerized neuropsychological assessment batteries to individual neuropsychologists, as well as the U.S. military. Samples from assessment measures are provided.

3. WAIS-IV Sample Report (Website)
Description: Pearson, the publisher of the WAIS-IV, offers a sample report that may be useful in helping students understand the type of information that can be garnered from intellectual assessment.

4. The Wonderlic Test
Description: Professional football players have to understand complex rules and plays. The Wonderlic Test has been used for nearly 70 years, designed to measure cognitive ability. Does a high Wonderlic score equal better players?

5. IQ Measures Society, not Intelligence
Description: Malcolm Gladwell discusses intelligence testing.

6. Lee Hyer, PhD, Demonstrates Neuropsychological Assessment for Dementia
Description: A psychologist highlights techniques and discusses the process of neuropsychological testing for dementia.