Video and Multimedia

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1. Mental Status Exam (Website)
Description: The University of Cincinnati presents short video clips demonstrating the various aspects of patient presentation that are assessed during the Mental Status Exam.

2. NeuroLogic Exam (Website)
Description: The NeuroLogic Exam website describes various patients’ aspects that are assessed during a clinical interview; each area of focus is accompanied by demonstrative video clips. Video clips displaying normal versus abnormal findings in several of these areas are also presented.

3. Clinical Interviewing of Children and Adolescents: Lecture, Demo, and Practice (YouTube Video)
Description: A Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology professor demonstrates clinical interviewing with an adolescent.

4. Clinical Interviews in Psychological Assessment: Purpose, Process, and Limitations
Description: A cartoon overview of important facets of the clinical interview.

5. Clinical Interviewing: Intake, Assessment, and Therapeutic Alliance Video
Description: Discussion of examples of key components of the clinical interview.

6. The Mental Status Exam--An Example
Description: This is a good video role-play demonstration of the mental status exam.

7. Components of the Clinical Interview
Description: Powerpoint with narration about the types and components of a clinical interview.