Video and Multimedia

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1. Irvin Yalom Inpatient Group Psychotherapy Video (YouTube Video)
Description: Irvin Yalom conducts a group session in an inpatient psychiatric setting, based on an adaptation of his interpersonal model of group psychotherapy.

2. American Group Therapy Association (Website)
Description: The American Group Therapy Association is an interdisciplinary community that seeks to enhance the practice, theory, and research of group therapy. Publications and recent news on group therapy are provided.

3. Society for Family Psychology (APA Division 43) (Website)
Description: The APA’s Division 43 covers topics related to the treatment of psychological and psychosocial problems in families. Coverage includes recent news articles, publications, and events related to family-based psychological interventions.

4. Understanding Group Therapy
Description: The American Psychological Association offers some things to consider if you are considering engaging in group therapy, including what to expect and benefits of group therapy.

5. Salvador Minuchin on Family Therapy
Description: Salvador Minuchin, founder of structural family therapy, discusses his theory and practice.

6. Virginia Satir
Description: Virginia Satir, a leading theorist in family therapy, discusses communication and congruence in this short video.

7. Group Counseling Demonstration
Description: Excerpt from a training video on group therapy, demonstrates some group process.