Video and Multimedia

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Video 8.1: Social Stratification
Description: CrashCourse introduces social stratification as a discussion of role and mobility in society, comparing different class and caste systems.

Video 8.2: How to Understand Power
Description: Eric Liu explores the concept of “power” as a dynamic, potent force in the shaping of everything from personal relationships to the structure of society.

Video 8.3: The School-to-Prison Pipeline, Explained
Description: Vox examines how disparities between the treatment of both different social classes and different racial identities contribute to a structure that funnels the poor and marginalized in the United States into a “pipeline” of incarceration.

Video 8.4: How Wealth Inequality Is Dangerous for America
Description: Vox highlights the increasing extremes of stratification in the United States and how such drastically imbalanced wealth also causes imbalances in social power.

Video 8.5: Is Your Social Status Making You Sick?
Description: Shirin Ghaffary Shirin shares some alarming research into the embodied experience of social status, demonstrating that feeling below others in society can have real and lasting impacts on your body.