Video and Multimedia

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Video 13.1: A Brief History of Religion in Art
Description: Jeremiah Dickey explores the role of art in preserving, transmitting, and expressing religious beliefs in several traditions.

Video 13.2: The History of Tattoos
Description: Addison Anderson follows the surprising history of tattoos, exploring how the meaning, style, and stigma associated with the art have changed throughout time in the many cultures it has been practiced in.

Video 13.3: Keeping the Ancient Craft of Tin Embroidery Alive
Description: Long Nv San Jiu, a woman from rural Guizhou Province in China, shares the skills of a fourth-generation artist of a craft over 500 years old. Her fears of the art being lost forever reflect the deep connection between tin embroidery and cultural identity.

Video 13.4: Repatriation of Native Artifacts to Ketchikan, Alaska
Description: In this video, descendants of Tlingit whose village was stripped of totem poles and other pieces of art for museum exhibits welcome their return to the tribe. The gravity of the affair demonstrates the importance of art in its original cultural contexts, where its meaning went far beyond the visual appeal it provided in far-off museums.

Video 13.5: Why a Haitian Graffiti Artist Is Protesting Foreign Aid
Description: Vox meets with a young graffiti artist in Haiti, a country severely reliant upon foreign aid, to learn about how he wields his artistic ability on the streets to voice his dissent with the treatment of his country.