Video and Multimedia

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Video 15.1: Urbanization and the Future of Cities
Description: Vance Kite explains how urbanization has changed the face of the planet and the structure of societies and speculates on how continued urbanization may alter our patterns of living even further in the future.

Video 15.2: Overpopulation—The Human Explosion Explained
Description: This short video explains how global populations expanded so rapidly, and the effects of that growing population on the world and world system.

Video 15.3: How Your New Smartphone Funds Africa's Deadliest War
Description: Trace Dominguez dives into the darkest side of the globalized economy, explaining that “conflict minerals” vital for modern electronics are fueling violence, rape, and large-scale slaughter in the Congo.

Video 15.4: What Does the World Bank Actually Do?
Description: Laura Ling explains the goals and struggles of the World Bank, an organization ostensibly formed to aid in worldwide development but whose practices often fail to follow through.

Video 15.5: What Does It Mean to Be a Refugee?
Description: Benedetta Berti and Evelien Borgman explain what it truly means to be a refugee, and the struggles that such displaces peoples face in returning home, finding asylum, and integrating into new and alien cultures.