Learning Objectives

After you have read this chapter, you will be able to:

10.1 Describe and explain the functions and roles that marriage and family play in society

10.2 Relate what the incest taboo is and compare at least two different explanations for it

10.3 Define endogamy and exogamy and give examples of each

10.4 Summarize the differences between monogamy, polygyny, and polyandry and give examples of societies that follow each of these marriage rules

10.5 Explain the difference between bride service, bridewealth, and dowry and discuss the ways societies that practice each of these are likely to differ

10.6 Identify the differences between nuclear, composite, and extended families and give examples of matrilineal and patrilineal families

10.7 Evaluate the ways in which the American family has changed over the past quarter century

10.8 Compare the effects of globalization in poor and wealthy countries