Video and Multimedia

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Video 14.1: How the Ancient Silk Road Pioneered Globalization
Description: This video returns to the Silk Road, examining how it laid the groundwork for future globalization.

Video 14.2: The Atlantic Slave Trade: What Too Few Textbooks Told You
Description: Anthony Hazard explores the slave trade with broader perspective on how power struggles within Africa as well as the economic demands of the West contributed to the trade, and the lasting impacts it had on the history of the entire world.

Video 14.3: Why African Leaders Are Refusing to Give Up Power
Description: Jackie Koppell looks at the modern impacts of colonialism in Africa, highlighting the immense instability left in the wake of foreign removal as a lasting hurdle for new nations to overcome.

Video 14.4: How Your Rubber Ducky Explains Colonialism
Description: Danielle Bainbridge uses the harvesting and later artificial production of rubber to explain the process and legacy of colonialism, especially in the Congo where massive amounts of rubber were harvested at the cost of immense abuse, slaughter, and exploitation of the native population.