Video and Multimedia

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Video 4.1: How Languages Evolve
Description: Alex Gendler provides a brief overview of how language is theorized to have evolved.

Video 4.2: The Surprising Pattern Behind Color Names Around the World
Description: This video summarizes the intriguing research of Paul Kay and Brent Berlin, who found interesting patterns in how cultures across the world assign names to colors. Their research seems to suggest some underlying and potentially universal mechanism by which humans think about color. [0:00-5:07]

Video 4.3: Does Time Work Differently in Different Languages? - Hopi Time
Description: Josh from NativLang examines the bold claim that the language we use to describe the passage of time may affect our perception of time itself, a strong interpretation of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.

Video 4.4: Why Did English Become the International Language?
Description: Langfocus offers a historical perspective on how English came to dominate the globe, highlighting the importance that culture, politics, and war in the spread and use of languages across the world. [0:00-4:53]

Video 4.5: Txtng Is Killing Language. JK!!!
Description: John McWhorter explores ongoing linguistic change through texting, which provides an interesting look into how the medium of communication can drastically shape the form that communication takes. [0:00-5:10]