Video and Multimedia

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Video 11.1: The Origin of Gender
Description: Danielle Bainbridge looks at gender, from its ties to biological sex to the many different interpretations of gender and gendered behavior across different cultures.

Video 11.2: How Did Pink Become a Girly Color?
Description: Vox follows the gendered journey of the color pink, revealing that the assignment of colors to gender is at times arbitrary, at times political, and even at times purely a matter of marketing.

Video 11.3: Visit the Island Run by Women
Description: On the island of Kihnu in Estonia, the long-term absence of men at sea has created a functional matriarchy where women perform most tasks around their community. This short video examines the challenges and benefits of a society where women are active in all roles.

Video 11.4: Life as a Transgender Woman
Description: Vox follows the day of a transgender woman in the United States, who speaks about the many stresses but also the determination of pursuing her true identity in a society that still seems to have no clear place for those with similar experiences.

Video 11.5: Hijras, the Third Gender in India
Description: Viceland meets with a pop group composed of hijras, who belong to a long-recognized but also long-ostracized “third gender” category in India. They discuss their struggles to make ends meet, their complex relationship with the LGBT community, and the frustration of being recognized as a unique identity while still facing widespread mistreatment in the culture.