Video and Multimedia

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Video 5.1: Dawn of Social Networks: Hunter-Gatherers Provide Clues About the Evolution of Cooperation
Description: Coren Apicella of Harvard Medical School shares insights from her work among the Hadza, who maintain a predominantly foraging- and hunting-based lifestyle. In particular, she focuses on how the Hadza maintain social cohesion and balance in an egalitarian culture.

Video 5.2: Inside the Rugged Lives of Mongolia’s Nomads | Short Film Showcase
Description: In this short clip, National Geographic provides snapshots of life in the modern pastoralist groups of Mongolia.

Video 5.3: Quinoa and Its Consequences: Malnutrition in Peru
Description: Channel 4 News covers the growing issue of malnutrition in Peru, where the global demand for quinoa has shifted its cultivation from one of subsistence to one of profit.

Video 5.4: The Industrial Revolution (18–19th Century)
Description: Simple History breaks down the events leading up to and through the Industrial Revolution, demonstrating how the shift from agriculture to industry in the West caused far-reaching changes in the world.

Video 5.5: How Cuban Agriculture Went From Industrial to Sustainable
Description: In a modern and novel shift back to an agriculture-focused society, Cuba demonstrates both the feasibility and the advantages of nonindustrialized ways of living.