Video and Multimedia

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Video 2.1: What is HRAF? Our Collections, Tools, and Projects

Description: HRAF at Yale University presents an overview of their vast catalogue of cultural resources, which are aimed at anthropologists with an emphasis on cross-cultural research.

Video 2.2: Art + Science = Medical Anthropology
Description: At the University of Washington, anthropologists blend traditional fieldwork techniques with medical research, highlighting the way modern ethnographers continue to bring social and cultural dimensions into important advancements in human health and well-being.

Video 2.3: Ethical Riddles in HIV Research
Description: Boghuma Kabisen Titanji speaks on the complicated landscape of research ethics in sub-Saharan Africa, where women are recruited for well-intentioned research on HIV that often yields little practical difference in their daily lives. Her examination of power dynamics between researchers of developed nations and their subjects in Africa highlights common issues that anthropologists face when attempting to design and execute impactful field research. [0:00-4:52]

Video 2.4: Diego Vigil Career Video
Description: Diego Vigil discusses his research on Mexican American identity, cultural change, and street gangs. He exemplifies the shift toward political engagement in anthropology, sharing his experience of testifying in court to support rural Hispanic communities targeted by anti-gang legislation.