Video and Multimedia

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Video 7.1: Karl Marx & Conflict Theory
Description: Through the lens of Marx’s philosophy of freedom, CrashCourse explains how the political organization of a society is intimately linked with its economic practices.

Video 7.2: What Are Some of the World’s Unrecognized Countries?
Description: This video provides information about countries that are widely or wholly unrecognized by the rest of the world, revealing the complex interplay of culture, geography, and politics that determines the recognition and perceived validity of any country.

Video 7.3: What's Causing South Sudan's Hunger Crisis?
Description: In northern Kenya, refugees from South Sudan are facing daily hunger due to food scarcity in a region marred by conflict. The politically motivated bloodshed reveals the massive instability in South Sudan as a new state.

Video 7.4: The “Ethnic Cleansing” of Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims, Explained
Description: Vox briefly summarizes the ethnic conflict in Myanmar, where systematic ejection and killing of the minority Rohingya Muslim population has been deemed a humanitarian crisis.

Video 7.5: This Country Put Happiness Before Economy, But Did It Work?
Description: Bhutan established its own measurement of worth based on cultural values rather than GDP, resulting in a high level of reported satisfaction for citizens. However, growing ethnic tensions as Bhutan aims to homogenize combined with increasing economic influence from beyond its borders have put strains on this ideology.