Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Social Penetration Theory Part I

Social Penetration Theory Part II

Description: A presentation and discussion of the Social Penetration Theory and related models of self-disclosure (set of two videos).

Video 2: Interview With Leslie Baxter on Relational Dialectics
Description: An interview with Leslie Baxter, University of Iowa, on her opinion of relationship dialectics.

Audio 1: Can Couples Rebuild Trust After an Affair?
Description: Exploration of the motivations behind affairs and the importance of trust.

Web 1: The Halo Effect in Overdrive
Description: How the halo effect works in overdrive after a person has passed away.

Web 2: Knapp’s Relationship Model
Description: A deeper look at each stage of Knapp and Vangelisti’s Model of Interaction, including examples of each stage related to both romantic relationships and business relationships.

Web 3: Couples, the Internet, and Social Media
Description: Pew survey about the use and impacts of technology use in romantic relationships.