Video and Multimedia

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Video 1: Election 2012: Obama’s Complete Victory Speech
Description: New York Times recording of President Obama’s Victory Speech in 2012.

Video 2: Impromptu Speaking
Description: Toastmasters discusses how to prepare and deliver an impromptu speech.

Video 3: Present Like Steve Jobs
Description: Key techniques Steve Jobs used to engage his audience.

Video 4: The 7 Secrets of the Greatest Speakers in History
Description: Ted Talk on the seven secrets of the greatest public speakers in History.

Video 5: Prezi Tutorial
Description: Complete how to guide for using Prezi, one of the newer types of presentational aids.

Video 6: PowerPoint® Tip: Using Pictures Properly
Description: The proper and improper use of using pictures in a presentation.

Audio 1: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking
Description: How filmmaker, Keva Rosenfeld, faced his fear of public speaking head on by attending Toastmasters.

Web 1: How to Use Visual Aids in Speeches
Description: Detailed article listing types of props and when or when not to use them.